Monday, October 6, 2008

A trip to the green cross

Pharmacies in Paris are everywhere and thank God! I started to feel
really achey from walking so much while having a head cold that
Michael said it was time to go to the pharmacy. The pharmacies all
have green crosses outside the storefront. Parisians go to pharmacies
first and if that doesn't solve their ailments then they go to the dr.
I was "prescribed" several vitamins, two nose sprays and medicine. I
am starting to feel better despite getting a faulty nose sprayer which
I shot in my eye. Twice. It's 9 here and I'm off to bed.


Nancy Howitt said...

Hi Sarah and Michael, I hope you're feeling better Sarah. Personally, I think it must be a French conspiracy that the sprayer hit you in the eye--I'm sure it wasn't you pointing it in the wrong direction. Have fun and be well. Nancy

Trin said...

Sarah- Nose spray in the eye! That sounds like something I would do. Better living thru chemistry and I hope it works well for you. I would say,"sleep tight", but you are about to get up now as we are about to head to bed.


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