Thursday, September 25, 2008


Tonight I had a mini-epiphany, nothing amazing, but a glimmer of insight. As I walked into Safeway I was stopped by a shy middle-aged man with a clipboard who asked me if I was registered to vote.
I told him I was and he lowered his head and shyly shugged me off. His clipboard was totally empty except for a paper full of blank entries and an Obama sticker.
I asked him if he had an initiative or something he wanted to talk about.
He told me he was new at the whole "politicking thing" and said he was losing his nerve. I told him to try his pitch on me. What did he have to say, I wondered.
He said he was a new volunteer and was supposed to be encouraging people to vote but he was losing his nerve.
I told him to keep up the fight - keep talking to people encouraging them to vote! He was doing his part and I thanked him for it. He raised his head, smiled said "thanks, thanks so much for voting" and walked towards the pumpkins and away from the people entering the store.
A while later I left the store and saw him, clipboard in hand talking to a bicyclist who was locking up his bike. They were laughing and talking about politics.
I left with a big smile. What a sweet man. He was out there, way out of his comfort zone, but he was doing his part.
It made me feel a bit guilty. What am I doing? It made me think... all I can do is encourage people to vote. And not just one one issue that they know or hold dear, but on the big picture. Look at the facts. Don't vote for someone because they are black or white or a woman. Don't vote for someone because you always vote pro choice or pro life. Vote for someone that has the best to offer overall. Use your good judgement. And you know, that's all I can do. That's all anyone can do. And if you haven't, register to vote!

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jmoetruden. said...

The debate is tonight! Can't! Wait!


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