Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 things I'm loving now!

My friend inspired me with her posting,  10 things I'm loving now.

So here's the 10 things I love ... today. 

1. Flor tiles. We bought some of these carpet tiles recently, and I think they are great. They have a very cool recycling program too. The color is morning coffee in decaf and it is geared for high traffic areas, so we have it in the front room right when you come in the house. I love it. It matches our pillows and brings the whole room together. 

2. We just signed up for Organics to You. It's a local service that delivers organic food right to your door.  We got our's last week for the first time and loved it. What's not to love about giant German radishes, plums, nectarines and all from local Oregon farmers. We even got our favorite Portland-made, Dave's Killer bread from them now too. Buy local, eat local! 

3. I love Etsy Love - it's a fun way to get bits and pieces of Etsy! 

4. Time with my parents. I love it when they come to visit. We drink good wine, have a lot of laughs and eat good food. Why don't I drive up to Seattle more? 

5. I am kind of sad that the staff of bloggers at Bluelines are no more. First my favorite Blueprint magazine shuts down and then their blog! Sad story. 

6. New sewing books! My newest favorite is: Sew and Stow
There are lot's of cute projects in there and I think I'm going to make the passport wallet for our trip to Europe. 

7.  Dahlias in my backyard. 

8. Not having to plan a wedding this summer! 

9. Camping... we went last weekend to Hood River. 

10. Friends... long lost friends. I've reconnected with several recently and I can't wait to connect with more this summer. 

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Trin said...

Sarah- Thanks for sharing what you love---and that you included us in the list. We are very blessed to have such a special daughter who expresses herself so well! Love to you and Michael.



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