Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quilt Top

Cutting out the fabric took me a long time. Because some of the fabric is small scenes, I couldn't cut it as fast as I could a straight pattern. I had to measure and test how many squares I could get with legit scenes that would look complete on the quilt.

After laying out the quilt pieces on the floor, I found a pattern that I liked - with no two of the same squares touching. Denise Schmidt, an amazing quilter who has written several books, recommends labeling each quilt block with a designated letter and number so you won't lose the pattern you've created. So, I called the first row A and the number of square I was on. So Row 1, square 1 was A1, row 1 square 2 is A2. The first square in the second row is B1 and so on. It helps so much.

After sewing all the squares together, I finally have the completed quilted top. Now it's on to the hard part- the backing.


Trin said...

Nice job not to mention that now you get to practice your numbers and ABC's!! Have fun. Fahjah

Sandra said...

This is the most gorgeous quilt ever!!!!! I can't wait to wrap Baby up in it....and to tell her that her Auntie Sassafrass made it for her! :) Luv you!!!!!


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