Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Seattle Fabric Store News: Drygoods Design is moving!

In Seattle Fabric store news, my favorite local store, Drygoods Design is moving from Ballard to Pioneer Square!

They've had a cute, but hard to find store for a while (through a coffeeshop, down a hallway and around the corner, kind of place). So this will be a great change for them.

They are opening the end of August at the corner of Occidental and Main.  Here's a cute photo from their cute newsletter that shows the front. Can't wait till they open!

Monday, July 28, 2014

It's Been Too Long

Wow, it's been a long time. And for that I apologize.

While I will still be blogging about all things sewing, fashion/tall fashion it will be less frequent.

A few months ago my husband and I launched a new neighborhood blog called the Seattle Greenlaker. We kind of knew what we were getting into, but not really.

It means breaking news. It means people requesting advertising rates (umh!) and constantly finding interesting stories to write about that take place in our fabulous neighborhood. It means after work starting a whole new thing and setting time aside for our "blog baby."

The back story is that my husband and I had always wanted to work on a project together. While at a coffeeshop one day I said "why not a blog?" He said, "great, what about?" I said, "how about our neighborhood?" Done! So for three months he worked - designing the identity, the shell of the site, the logos and learned a new programming language. Even on our vacation in April, he was working away poolside.

I meanwhile, researched. I met with potential contributors and chatted with neighborhood officials - learning more about our community.

Then, we pushed the "on" button. Some things broke, somethings didn't. We learned along the way.

So, here we are...  two and a half months in. Our stories have been picked up by local magazines and newspapers and today we announced a partnership with The Seattle Times. (Yah, the SEATTLE TIMES!!)

But the best part is the people. I get emails now from moms and librarians, chefs and naturalists who all want to talk about our neighborhood and I love it.

We have a few advertisers, which help us pay for our expenses, a few fabulous contributors and we have a product, or a thing, that is out in the world. It feels good. No. It feels amazing because it feels like we are part of something in our own little part of the world.

So check out the blog if you are interested. I'll write more here at Sarah's Threads soon on subjects outside of Green Lake too, I promise!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A new plant

Some times I make things harder than they need to be. Say like this plant. I had a case of the winter doldrums and wanted needed to add some color into our dining room/life. So after hours of researching which ones won't kill our sweet cats,  how much maintenance these little plants need and for heavens sake what kind of pot will it live in!? we made multiple trips to nurseries and a schlep to IKEA's plant section, then we decided we were going to bite the bullet and buy a plant.
It sat in the front seat all the way home.

But now our little dracaena lives (happily) in our home, where it occasionally gets nibbled by passing felines.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wardrobe by Mail: Stitch Fix

I have been trying a few clothes subscription services and recently tried Stitch Fix after a friend recommended it. 

Using the site is easy. You send your Pinterest profile, measurements, preferences and then you schedule a "Fix" that includes five items of clothing. When I got the five clothes and they were totally my style. The stylist had selected them based off of my Pinterest and the fact that I specified I wanted more work clothes. I got a striped tank top, long sleeve blouse, (faux) suede jacket, a pair of black pants and a sweater. Three of the five of the pieces fit and I love them. I also love that I got a little note from the stylist who wrote about why she shared the clothes with me and how to style them. 

The only problem with this is I want another fix! (Trying to pace myself.) But you should check  Stitch Fix out. You'll love me and hate me for it. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wardrobe by Mail: Le Tote

After my recent post about the clothing subscriptions, I received an offer from Le Tote to try their program for free for a month, which was a fun surprise. I also chatted with a few folks from the company to clear up some confusion I had about how the service works. Basically, Le Tote is like a Rent the Runway for everyday clothes and jewelry. For a small monthly subscription fee, you get to "rent" clothes and jewelry that you have the option to buy at the end of the month. If you don't want to buy them, return them and you get a new tote. (You can get new totes each month with a single monthly subscription).

Overall I really liked Le Tote. After a short sign up process which gauged my types of clothes that I liked and allowed me to pick my faves, the tote was sent and arrived within 2 days. The jewelry and clothing wasn't a J Crew or even Gap quality, but if it's something you want to wear only a few times and return, it's totally fine.

The things that stood out to me:
  • There were a lot of cute clothing options but not a ton for winter. Most were Fall or Spring/Summer when I received my tote in December. 
  • The jewelry selection was great. Lot's of fun pieces that I would consider buying. 
  • My only complaint... it wasn't for gals my height (it goes up to 6 feet tall). So not the best for tall gals, depending upon how you are proportioned (all of the shirts and dresses were too short). But customer service did assure me that they are looking to expand to additional sizes, so perhaps in the future. 
  • The customer service was stelar. I had a question and emailed them and within a few hours (or sooner) got a response. When I emailed them to cancel I got a call from a customer service person, which was a nice touch and wasn't overly salesy. 
  • The other small thing was that it was very hard to cancel the subscription. Luckily customer service helped me and was very responsive. 
So the verdict is... if you want to switch up your wardrobe with some new garments every few weeks (and are under 6 feet tall) this is a fun option. The jewelry subscription is a fun option too and the prices were quite reasonable.

Next up I'm going to try Stitch Fix. My first box arrives this week. Stay tuned.

Photo via Pinterest

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fashion predictions

A friend sent me this video and I had to post about it. The video was made in 1939 to predict what fashion would be like in 2000 A.D. No spoilers, but check out the dress with the day to night fashion.

I find it very ironic that in 2014, there's a resurgence of 40s fashion -- the long skirts, fitted blazers and hats. Fun video though. Check it out.


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